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DICK WEBER St. Louis, Missouri

1960 PBA doubles champion 1960 Bowler of the Year, 1959 Eastern Open (Newsday) Champion.
“Use the proper weight ball for your own special physical characteristics. Be sure that a competent instructor, one who knows you and has seen you bowl, fits you for your bowling ball.

“LEE JOUGLARD Detroit, Michigan

All time ABC singles record holder.”Women in general have much better rhythm and coordination than men and should make better bowlers. But they fail to move the ball with their first step, and therefore their timing and coordination are upset.

ED LUBANSKI Oak Park, Michigan

1958-59 Bowler of the Year, 1959 World’s Individual Match Game Champion.
“First think of what you want to do with the ball. If you think first, it will give you that feeling that you are going to accomplish something and you will.”

SYLVIA WENE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1955 and 1960 BPAA National Individual Match Game Champion, 1955 Woman Bowler of the Year.”Practice, practice, practice! Even with excellent instruction and great natural ability, a bowler still will not succeed unless he or she practices constantly.”


New York BPAA 1961 National Individual Match Game Champion.”Adopt the four-step approach and be certain that you move the ball on your very first step. Always concentrate on timing and coordination.

BILLY WELU St. Louis, Missouri

1959 BPAA National Individual Match Game Champion, 1954 ABC Doubles Champion.
“Keep your footwork natural and rhythmical, maintaining an even walking pace to the foul line. Be sure your arm swing is a pendulum type, a straight line from your hand to the shoulder. Coordinate the footwork with the arm swing for perfect timing.”

PAT McBRIDE Grand Rapids, Michigan

1959 WIBC All Events Champion.”In practice sessions don’t worry about the amount of pins knocked down. Concentrate on timing and delivery and a smooth, rhythmical approach. “

JANET HARMAN Los Angeles, California

1961 WIBC Queens Champion.”Learn to relax and let your arm swing freely from the shoulder, with the weight of the ball carrying the swing in a natural, straight pendulum motion. The left hand should be disengaged quickly so the weight of the ball creates a smooth, flowing swing.”

EVELYN TEAL Miami, Florida

1961 WIBC All Events Champion.”Beginner or old timer, always keep your shoulders and body facing the direction you want the ball to travel. You cannot, with any amount of accuracy, throw the ball in one direction while facing another.”

DON CARTER St. Louis, Missouri

1961 ABC Masters Champion; 1952, 1954, 1958 National Individual Match Game Champion; 1957, 1958, 1960 World’s Individual Match Game Champion.
“Be sure your approach to the foul line is a slow easy one. Use the pendulum arm swing and keep that arm close to your body to insure coordination and control.”

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