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Spares to be Shot From the Righthand Side of the Approach

Position yourself to the extreme right-hand side of the approach.

Clause readies for the 10-pin.

This is the proper foot position for making the 10-pin.

3-6-10 Hit the 3 6 pocket full.

6-10 The ball should hit both pins.

3-10 (Baby Split)Fit the ball in between.

3-5-6-9 Hit full in the 3 6 pocket, or just aim for the 9-pin.

5-7 A real hard one; the 5-pin must slide over to get the 7.

6-7 Only the experts make this.

5-6 Another “fit-in” shot

3-9 Watch the 9-pin, the sleeper; shoot “through” the 3-pin to get it.

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