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Use The Fingertip Styles

Professional stars you meet may be using a fingertip or semi-fingertip ball. But I recommend the conventional grip (the one I’ve described above) for almost every bowler. Pros use the fingertip styles to get more hooking action in their delivery; but unless you completely familiarize yourself with all of the subtleties of “lift” and “turn,” don’t use it.I hesitate to make any recommendations about proper pitch, since so much of this depends upon the individual bowler’s style of delivery and the size of his hand.

Let the man who fits and drills your ball recommend a proper pitch.I’m also hesitant about recommending a specific weight for your ball. I say this: if you can deliver a sixteen-pound ball with ease, without hampering your accuracy or control, then use it. But if this weight isn’t comfortable, switch to something lighter. The most important element in achieving high scores is accuracy not the particular weight of the ball you’re using. So, by all means, sacrifice weight for accuracy.

The same applies to women bowlers. I’ve seen 5’3″ gals, who couldn’t weigh more than 120 pounds, handle a sixteen-pound ball with the ease of Sylvia Wene, current Women’s All-Star champion. And I’ve seen real husky gals have trouble picking up a ten-pound ball from the rack. Why? Because they are poorly coordinated. Your own physical make-up and ability to coordinate will help you decide.

The two-finger grip, shown above, has become something of a rarity, and I don’t recommend its use.

Almost all bowling balls today are of the three-fingered variety, although at one time two-fingered balls were the only kind used. Nowadays the two-fingered style is something of a rarity, although a couple of the leading pros still use them. Ed Lubanski of Detroit won the 1958 World’s Championship with a two-finger grip. But generally it’s felt that the three-finger style is easier to hold; it’s more comfortable and it’s controlled a lot more easily.

I recommend that you own your own bowling shoes too. They range in price from $7.50 to $10, or even $20 for a really elegant pair. Bowling shoes are of a special variety.

This is my special pro model bowling bag. Bags may range from to $50.

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