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Introduction to Bowling

Bowling wasn’t always as it is today. It wasn’t too long ago that the sport with its unreliable pin boys and its dark and cloistered settings was on a social par with love-making on the front stoop. In Old Forge, Pennsylvania (my home town), and in just about every other small American town, one never bowled if he valued his reputation. Pursuing the sport was particularly difficult for me, for I was a school teacher in the local high school and in that position, I was regarded as one of the social pacesetters of our small community.

But I bowled; the criticism came, and it wasn’t very pleasant.As the years passed the criticism waned a bit, and the sport came to have the high degree of social acceptability it enjoys today.This is why this book is a source of great personal pride. It’s a kind of literary “I told you so.”I hope, in taking up the views on bowling instruction presented in this book, that the reader will attain some of the supreme enjoyment from the sport that I have.I first took up bowling in 1935 when I was a frustrated student at the University of Scranton.

I say frustrated because I stood only 5’1″ and my prowess as an athlete in basketball and football in that sports-minded town could be compared to that of Fanny Brice.I did become a cheerleader (and I had no trouble making the squad) but I wanted something more than that, and so I took up bowling. It’s a sport that requires no outstanding physical stature, no particular muscular development.

It was fine for me and from the first I enjoyed it immensely. Itfilled not only a physical need but, I’m sure, an even greater psychological need.So I hope this book either introduces you to the joys of bowling, or, if it happens you are already accomplished in the sport, perhaps it will serve to increase the pleasures that are already yours.

In the following pages I will describe and explain what I believe to be proper bowling form. You will learn what I mean by the “pushaway,” and how to execute it; you will learn about the four-step delivery, the pendulum arm swing, and the proper hand position, to name a few. All of these things are essential elements of good form in bowling and good form means higher scores.

I will also describe the possible deviations from proper form that may or may not suit your physical make-up and already-developed style, and I will explain how and why they may be good for some of you and not for others. I will tell you what the pros do; what is suitable for the average bowler; and I will help the beginning bowler to learn correctly from the start. I will describe some of the principal errors, and suggest ways that they may be corrected; I will explain the intricacies of the hook ball, spare shooting, and of course getting strikes.

Proper form and good style are essential to high scores in bowling. By helping you to improve your form, I’ll help you to the higher scores that must naturally result. I have seen this result over and over again, as I’ve traveled the country conducting bowling clinics and giving instruction to bowlers at every level of skill and experience.And now we’re ready to go bowling.

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