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Comfortable Sport Dresses

The sole of the right shoe is rubber, to help you to brake or slow down as you approach the foul line; it also gives you the necessary traction as you start. The sole of the left shoe is leather, allowing that foot to slide on the fourth or final step.You’ll also need a bowling bag to carry your equipment in, and these range in price from $7 to $40 or $50. You can purchase a small bag, for carrying the shoes alone, for about $2.50.

Any good comfortable sport shirt is fine for bowling. Just be certain it gives you full freedom of movement, and that it doesn’t hamper your armswing at all.

For women bowlers I recommend a blouse-and-skirt combination, or a blouse and slacks. Many manufacturers are now turning out special bowling sportswear for milady. Dresses are available in such attractive styles and pleasing colors today that they must be difficult for women bowlers to resist.

A word to the women about skirts. Be sure your skirt isn’t too tight, or it will restrict your freedom of movement. And watch that it is not so full that you strike your arm against it in the downswing. Semi-flared skirts are the best.
On the market today, and available in almost every bowling center, are many kinds of devices designed especially to help you score better.

There are gloves to protect your thumb, and gloves to help you support the ball; devices to support and position your wrist and special grips, as well as sprays and ointments of all varieties. Before deciding on any of these, experiment with them in a practice session. They may or may not help you. But quite often they give you a psychological boost that does help better your score.

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